Art, Science and Experience

The Engineer in the age of the Digital Disruption

Beyond BIM

What does the future hold for us in terms of engineering design

Once upon a time there was BIM

The 7 things we learnt about our way of designing

Planning mobility for large sports events

The EUR Rome E-Prix

Data flows for energy consumption management

A case study: the seecon Ingenieure’s Data Hub

A new culture of sustainability

Creative empathy, sensitivity and knowledge.

Impact investing to enable change

To support transformations and social benefits – impact investing lives and fights with us (but it has to be sustained)

Blockchain and Smart Contract – the inevitable revolution

Towards distributed organisations – how decentralisation changes the AEC world

Communicating Mobility

Performance and ability to adapt, participatory democracy and sustainability

Zero Impact Mobility – Biking in Bolzano

The idea of a ‘cycle culture’ is growing in South Tyrol. The key words are movement, respect for the environment, recreation and alternative
Elaborazione grafica: NET Engineering

Landscape, a bridge between past and future

Sustainability, an essential resource for designing the landscape and planning the infrastructure – the bridge over the Ticino at Oleggio.