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Visual modelling

Visual modelling

Urban redevelopment – transformation and revalorisation of railway stations

A discussional and multi-disciplinary approach

Mum told me I wasn’t to go to the station

Engineering design and valorisation of the area

Photography and design – the search for the ‘genius loci’

The necessary union between aesthetic subjectivity and engineering rationality

Sailing through the history of maps

From the fascinating geographic maps of the past to (free) modern cartography to overturn the paradigm of “knowledge as power”

Developments in the AEC sector in Germany and Italy by 2025

Plausible scenarios and strategic implications

Beyond BIM

What does the future hold for us in terms of engineering design

Once upon a time there was BIM

The 7 things we learnt about our way of designing

Data flows for energy consumption management

A case study: the seecon Ingenieure’s Data Hub

A new culture of sustainability

Creative empathy, sensitivity and knowledge.

Future prospects for the public transport network and urban mobility

FLOWS goes on site – extracts from the first conversation

Mobile Mapping System

Tool for the dynamic survey of an infrastructure and its context

The value of unconventional approaches to design

Systemic vision, knowledge exchange and resilience

Virtual reality – the new frontier of design

The potential of technologies applied to engineering creation

BIM – advanced digitising in infrastructure design

Project management and Information Technology

Nth degree Engineering

Innovation and co-operation in tomorrow’s professional world

BIM – Applied experience of Information Modelling in the infrastructure sector

A pilot project

Rating systems for sustainable infrastructure

The potential of Envision™ in Italy

The graphic visualisation of flows

The information design tools for the analysis of the urban fabric

The complexity of the context

A discussion between designers

Flows 2.0

New ways of designing infrastructure

Flows. Modelling mobility

The search for a common language