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Travel experience

Travel experience

What’s the future for LPT?

New paradigms after the Covid-19 pandemic. Focus on the design of railway services and rolling stock.

Towards the future of shared mobility

The NEXT modular system

The new ‘smart hub’ at Milano Linate

Modern spaces and innovative services for urban and extra-regional mobility

Yes, travel

Quality perceived as a fundamental principle of flow design
Graphic processing: Alizarina

Wayfinding design projects in urban contexts

From London to Vancouver: thoughts of a specialist

Cycleways for the redevelopment of the country

The Italian situation

Landscape, a bridge between past and future

Sustainability, an essential resource for designing the landscape and planning the infrastructure – the bridge over the Ticino at Oleggio.
Elaborazione grafica: NET Engineering

Art in the underground

Düsseldorf Wehrhahn-line

A new model of innovation and integration in public transport

Mobility efficiency for more competitive areas

Less signs but better flows

How does wayfinding design improve the travel experience?

Autogrill Villoresi Est, motorway services of the third millennium

The design of rest areas to promote the travel experience

The effects of the travel experience on mobility choices

New planning of transport systems

Bolzano to Cortina by train

The new project that respects and enhances the heart of the Dolomites