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Collective ingenuity

Collective ingenuity

The contribution of sharing mobility to the new urban development policies

Sustainable mobility for people-friendly towns

Watchword – sustainability

Best practice and action strategies

The wheel on the suitcase

Role and responsibility of the designer of sustainable infrastructure

Stakeholder engagement and participatory planning of infrastructure

The Veneto Model

MaaS, autonomous vehicles or drones?

Reflections on the future of mobility

Different from what?

Reflections on diversity and inclusion

Effective feedback in teamwork

A gym for skills development
Editing by NET Engineering

Psychological safety to create value

How to build the ideal work environment to grow, learn, contribute and work effectively in a rapidly changing world

Business Cases with Sustainability for Consulting Engineers (Part II)

Key lessons learned from analysing trends and core drivers for business cases

Green economy and digital to restart from the new generations

The point of view of the Young Businesspeople of Confindustria

Business Cases with Sustainability for Consulting Engineers (Part I)

A rationale for engaging in corporate sustainability for the mutual benefit of shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Business resilience in the Coronavirus era

Who will be fit to withstand the shock wave?

Designing infrastructure and making it credible

Tools for understanding a complex infrastructure proposal

Publishing and media under lockdown

The Mondadori Retail view of the ‘new normal’

Agile Working and Engineering

Rethinking the organisation of work to facilitate change

Constructing communication

Strategies for the relaunch after the emergency

The Lab EOLE

A complexity management model

Envisioning the Anthropocene

Transforming plastic waste into the foundation of a new landscape

The Milan Food Policy – methods, values and flows

Active, transversal policies for the sustainability of the food system

What city for what future?

A look at post-modern and contemporary metropoles

Developments in the AEC sector in Germany and Italy by 2025

Plausible scenarios and strategic implications

Getting stronger in uncertain times!

A Manifesto for engineers and scientists

Art, Science and Experience

The Engineer in the age of the Digital Disruption

Data flows for energy consumption management

A case study: the seecon Ingenieure’s Data Hub

Impact investing to enable change

To support transformations and social benefits – impact investing lives and fights with us (but it has to be sustained)

Blockchain and Smart Contract – the inevitable revolution

Towards distributed organisations – how decentralisation changes the AEC world

Communicating Mobility

Performance and ability to adapt, participatory democracy and sustainability

Zero Impact Mobility – Biking in Bolzano

The idea of a ‘cycle culture’ is growing in South Tyrol. The key words are movement, respect for the environment, recreation and alternative

Design and generational responsibility

Views, models and opportunities for the requalification and development of the area

Crowdlaw – legal-design as political flow

Company transformation for organisational innovation and new business objectives

The Philips experience

Collective ingenuity serving smart cities

The townspeople are the experts

Social Network Analysis to boost stakeholder engagement in engineering projects

The Social Network as a key for projects governance

Flows of ideas and responsibilities in innovation

A look at Europe

Clocks or clouds? Project Management in the age of Complexity

The Sunset of Linearity and the emergence of Project Leadership

Everywhere Shoppers and the importance of multi-channels

The evolution of the purchasing paths of modern consumers with shops, on-line, mobile and social media

Applying collective intelligence in the engineering sector

The experience of Te.x

The development project for the Bologna ring road and motorway system

The experience of public discussion

New fair scenarios for new visitors

Effective communication, economic dynamism and production innovation

Nth degree Engineering

Innovation and co-operation in tomorrow’s professional world

Resilience applied to regional and environmental planning

An interpretation for engineering design

The era of backpackracy

Dismantle bureaucracy and prefer the project

Deposits of resilience in Palermo

A renaissance opening Europe’s arms to the Mediterranean

A map for contemporary organizations

Tools for orientation in complexity

Can resilience be learnt?

Shared, diffused learning paths to educate for an inclusive community

If the central figure is the road

Engineering stylistic features of narration

Smart working

How Italian workers can move from school to university

Frugal innovation: do more with less

The redesign of the assets we already know

Water facility

Planning and management of water in Tanzania

The new geography of knowledge

The innovative vivacity of the suburbs

The complexity of the context

A discussion between designers

Resilience as a systemic view of reality

An inclusive approach to the design of infrastructure systems

Flows. Modelling mobility

The search for a common language

Filiis Amicis Civibus

Open the doors to everyone