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The ecological turnaround of towns

Some reflections on and real action for sustainable urban mobility

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Andrea Burzacchini

Andrea Burzacchini is an expert in mobility and sustainable development. He has lived in Freiberg, Germany, for more than 20 years, where he founded aiforia, sustainable development agency. He has taken part in and co-ordinated projects in more than 20 countries and planned and run more than 150 guided tours/training in Freiberg on mobility and sustainability. He was a commuter (by train) between Freiburg and Modena, where he was appointed Sole Director of aMo - Agenzia della Mobilità (Mobility Agency), from 2016, concluding the assignment in June 2022. In 2020, he founded the initiative ‘OBIETTIVO 2/3 - per una svolta nella mobilità urbana’ (OBJECTIVE 2/3 - for a turnaround in urban mobility) in support of Italian municipalities and provinces.