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Taking public transport to the ‘NEXT’ level

Modularity and flexibility of LPT in the urban context

Maintenance, Maintainability and Upkeep – a look.

Intervention strategies to safeguard infrastructure in Italy

Mum told me I wasn’t to go to the station

Engineering design and valorisation of the area

Transport analysis for sustainable mobility

Revamping and restyling of Italian stations

Gendered barriers to travel: moving from understanding to action

The case for putting inclusion & diversity on the Transport Research agenda

Definitions count

Reflections and open questions on MaaS

Rethinking space and time in the contemporary city

New patterns for urban regeneration

Suburban Infrastructure for E-Buses

Design challenges and feasible answers

Different from what?

Reflections on diversity and inclusion

Societal contributions to indicate the future of public transport

Finding the best mode mix in the post-Covid era

E-mobility: european visions and experiences

Development prospects of the E-bus technology

Waiting for the European Transport Conference

Thoughts and anticipations on urban mobility planning

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of the infrastructural heritage

Seismic vulnerability checks and visual-inspectional surveys of bridges
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Effective feedback in teamwork

A gym for skills development
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Mobility in towns

The third dimension creates space!

Photography and design – the search for the ‘genius loci’

The necessary union between aesthetic subjectivity and engineering rationality