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Rethinking space and time in the contemporary city

New patterns for urban regeneration

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Jacopo Ognibene - Andrea Riva

Jacopo Ognibene is an architect specialised in traffic and sustainable mobility planning; he has been freelance since 2001 after training at the IUAV, Venice. He is active in Public Transport, Infrastructure Assessment, Urban Mobility, and Cycle and Pedestrian Mobility, which he mainly develops through the use of advanced decision-support tools (models and GIS). He is a regular consultant of NET Engineering as Project Manager.

Andrea Riva has been in the Park Associati team, where he is Project Leader, since 2018. He has taken part in the planning of student residences and guided urban regeneration projects, including the Reinventing Cities competitions for areas of Milan and Rome. Andrea is also involved in Park Plus, the studio’s research and experimentation cell. Park Associati was set up in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi and is concerned with architectural design, urban planning, and interior and product design. Park Associati has an analytic, pragmatic and calibrated approach to architecture, strong in tradition but able to generate new linguistic codes, making it one of the key players in architectural redevelopment and urban regeneration in Italy.