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E-mobility: european visions and experiences

Development prospects of the E-bus technology

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Catia Chiusaroli - Anja Georgi

After graduating in Regional, Urban and Environmental Planning, Catia Chiusaroli worked in the consultancy, research, design and co-ordination of mobility and town planning for several years. She has been Head of Mobility Planning for the Metropolitan City of Bologna for more than 15 years and, since 2017, she has also been Head of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan.
Anja Georgi is a member of the Hessian Public Transport Systems consortium and the Financing and Customer-Services Committee of the German governmental Public Transport consortium. Since 2001, she has written several articles for DER NAHVERKEHR, the leading monthly magazine for public passenger transport in the German-speaking world. She is a speaker at events on Public Transport worldwide. She has been CEO of the Mobilität Stadtwerke Offenbach (Germany) since 2013.