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Collective ingenuity


Green economy and digital to restart from the new generations

The point of view of the Young Businesspeople of Confindustria

Business Cases with Sustainability for Consulting Engineers

Part I: A rationale for engaging in corporate sustainability for the mutual benefit of shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Designing infrastructure and making it credible

Tools for understanding a complex infrastructure proposal

Business resilience in the Coronavirus era

Who will be fit to withstand the shock wave?

Publishing and media under lockdown

The Mondadori Retail view of the ‘new normal’

Agile Working and Engineering

Rethinking the organisation of work to facilitate change

Constructing communication

Strategies for the relaunch after the emergency

The Lab EOLE

A complexity management model

Envisioning the Anthropocene

Transforming plastic waste into the foundation of a new landscape

The Milan Food Policy – methods, values and flows

Active, transversal policies for the sustainability of the food system