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Green economy and digital to restart from the new generations

The point of view of the Young Businesspeople of Confindustria

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Gabriele Menotti Lippolis

Gabriele Menotti Lippolis was born in 1977 and took a degree in Law. He is a first generation businessman with companies in event organisation, communications and hospitality. At this time of energy transition, he has launched the idea of the ‘Silicon Valley of renewables’ for Brindisi. Sustainability has always been a feature of his entrepreneurial vision, and the claim for 2LD, his event organisation company, was already ‘Green Ideas for Events’ in 2001. He has always worked on making the south of Italy attractive to companies and is chairman of Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria Puglia (Young Businesspeople Confindustria Puglia) and the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Sud (Young Businesspeople of the South) of Confindustria. He has been a commissioner of Confindustria Brindisi since May 2020.