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The Milan Food Policy – methods, values and flows

Active, transversal policies for the sustainability of the food system

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Anna Scavuzzo

Anna Scavuzzo is Vice Mayor of the City of Milan and deputy mayor for public safety. From 2017 she is also in charge for the Milan Food Policy. Within an innovative framework of the food system governance, she is developing actions in several fields: reducing food waste, circular economy for food, local public procurement, food startups incubators, facilitating joint efforts of thematic deputy mayors and municipal departments. In the role of political referent for the food policy, she had the opportunity to participate in the international debate about urban food policies in several high level events in Dakar, Stockholm, Tegucigalpa, Vilnius, Washington and Tel Aviv, at events organized by the C40 Food System Network, the Eurocities Working Group Food and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. As the former deputy mayor for education, she worked closely with the municipal agency for school canteens (85.000 meals per day) and she promoted policies for a more organic local procurement and healthier diets. As city councillor, in the mandate 2011-2016, Ms Scavuzzo focused her attention on the rural-urban linkages, becoming also metropolitan councillor and member of the board of the Agricultural Southern Milan Park (43.600 hectares with 1.400 farms). Master degree in Physical, she worked on the applied info technologies, data analytics and public administration learning tools for a leading editorial group.