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Feasibility project for the new Ponte della Becca

An example of integrated design

Sailing through the history of maps

From the fascinating geographic maps of the past to (free) modern cartography to overturn the paradigm of “knowledge as power”

The European Transport Conference 2020

International mobility experts in conference, online for the first time

Designing infrastructure and making it credible

Tools for understanding a complex infrastructure proposal

Business resilience in the Coronavirus era

Who will be fit to withstand the shock wave?

The pandemic as a workshop to rethink mobility

Local Public Transport and COVID-19

Publishing and media under lockdown

The Mondadori Retail view of the ‘new normal’

Agile Working and Engineering

Rethinking the organisation of work to facilitate change

Collective mobility post Covid 19

Action strategies for the reorganisation of public transport and indication of alternative models for the provisions of services

Constructing communication

Strategies for the relaunch after the emergency

The Lab EOLE

A complexity management model

The ‘Klimaparkplatz’

Innovation or placebo?

Current prospects and future scenarios for Global Cities

How is the urbanisation process changing our world?

Towards the future of shared mobility

The NEXT modular system

Envisioning the Anthropocene

Transforming plastic waste into the foundation of a new landscape

The Milan Food Policy – methods, values and flows

Active, transversal policies for the sustainability of the food system