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Blockchain and Smart Contract – the inevitable revolution

Towards distributed organisations – how decentralisation changes the AEC world

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Maurizio Boi

Maurizio Boi is deputy chairman of the Associazione delle Organizzazioni di Ingegneria e di Consulenza Tecnico-Economica (OICE - Association of Engineering and Technical-Economic Consultancy Organisations), a member of the Board of Directors of the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations and OICE delegate as Italian representative in the International Federation of Consulting Engineers. He is CEO and founder of Tecnolav Engineering (since 1998) and the start-up Tex Engineering (since 2016), both based in Cagliari (Sardinia). Tex is involved in the application of the latest digital technologies to the engineering sector. Maurizio Boi has also been the director of the ‘Consorzio Leonardo’ Consorzio Stabile Europeo di società di Ingegneria (Permanent European Consortium of Engineering Companies), consisting of 8 of the leading Italian engineering and architectural companies since 2016.
In June 2017, together with his sister Patrizia, he published the book: Ingegneria Elevatoⁿ - Ingegneria del Futuro o Futuro dell’Ingegneria? (Dei Merangoli editore)