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The new ‘smart hub’ at Milano Linate

Modern spaces and innovative services for urban and extra-regional mobility

What city for what future?

A look at post-modern and contemporary metropoles

Developments in the AEC sector in Germany and Italy by 2025

Plausible scenarios and strategic implications

Large events as opportunities

Managing negative externalities to maximise the positive effects for the local community and area

Energy saving and environmental awareness

Significant experiences in Italy and Europe

Getting stronger in uncertain times!

A Manifesto for engineers and scientists

Art, Science and Experience

The Engineer in the age of the Digital Disruption

Beyond BIM

What does the future hold for us in terms of engineering design

Once upon a time there was BIM

The 7 things we learnt about our way of designing

Planning mobility for large sports events

The EUR Rome E-Prix

Data flows for energy consumption management

A case study: the seecon Ingenieure’s Data Hub

A new culture of sustainability

Creative empathy, sensitivity and knowledge.

Impact investing to enable change

To support transformations and social benefits – impact investing lives and fights with us (but it has to be sustained)

Blockchain and Smart Contract – the inevitable revolution

Towards distributed organisations – how decentralisation changes the AEC world

Communicating Mobility

Performance and ability to adapt, participatory democracy and sustainability

Zero Impact Mobility – Biking in Bolzano

The idea of a ‘cycle culture’ is growing in South Tyrol. The key words are movement, respect for the environment, recreation and alternative
Elaborazione grafica: NET Engineering

Landscape, a bridge between past and future

Sustainability, an essential resource for designing the landscape and planning the infrastructure – the bridge over the Ticino at Oleggio.