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Crowdlaw – legal-design as political flow

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Santiago Martin Caravaca

Santiago Martin Caravaca is a lawyer and Senior Consultant in Legal Design and LegalTech. He is a partner of Trivioquadrivio with which he supports companies in the passage from the customer-centric paradigm to legal human centric. He is also a partner of Gerico Associates in the LegalTech area. He co-ordinates the local chapter in Trieste of the global movement Legal Hackers. He works with the University of Trieste and its CLab on topics like legal innovation (Smart Contracts, Legal Design, Algorithms and Law). He is a Master Executive in (i) Information Technology Law, (ii) Urbanism (iii) Law and Business, and (iv) Digital Marketing. He started his professional career as a lawyer expert in Information Technology Law and then he was Operating Group Lead in Accenture in Contract Management. He is a member of the European Legal Tech Association.