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Real and virtual in the street of the future

The integration between digital and analogic is radically changing our way of designing infrastructure and crossing the world

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Ruggero Frezza

Ruggero Frezza obtained a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics at the University of California Davis in 1990 after graduating in electro-technical engineering in Padua. In 1992, he became an associate professor in Padua and, during his university career, he has taught and carried out research in leading foreign universities and research centres. He has launched various companies in the high-tech sector, from biomedical to automation, with his students and co-workers. In 2006, he founded M31, a private company that creates high technology companies. In 2008, Ruggero Frezza decided to leave university teaching and focus entirely on this new project. Today, he is Chairman of M31 S.p.A. and M31 Italia S.r.l.