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Wayfinding design projects in urban contexts

From London to Vancouver: thoughts of a specialist

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Tim Fendley

Founder of Applied Wayfinding and Living Map Company. He is a graphic and information designer with a deep interest in making cities more understandable. He was the design lead for Bristol Legible City Initiative. With Applied he has created the multi-modal system for Vancouver, Seamless Cleveland, harmonising Toronto’s transport systems, legible schemes for Glasgow, Leeds, Brighton, Rio de Janeiro, and is currently working on Madrid, Seattle and Paris. Tim initiated Legible London – to make sense of a complex city. He envisioned the capital-wide pedestrian wayfinding system. Now the most extensive of its kind in the world and regarded as the international standard. Applied was established to create big-picture ideas that can be delivered. Tim has also established a mapping technology company, Living Map, to realise his vision of making geographic information easy-to-use and relevant for cities and buildings.