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Deposits of resilience in Palermo

A renaissance opening Europe’s arms to the Mediterranean

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Piero Pelizzaro

Piero Pelizzaro is founder of Climalia, the first Italian climatic services company for regional resilience. He has been involved in the spread of resilience with training and public events for years. He is a researcher at the IUAV, Venice, a Planning Climate Change research team. He is also a consultant of the Ministry of the Environment, Acclimatise UK, AzzeroCO2 and the European Commission, and also Project Manager for the Municipality of Milan, DC Employment, Economic Development, Research&University Policies. He works with various Italian and foreign universities in his research work including the RESILIENCE LAB of POLIMI, POLITO, University of Turin, Erasmus University Rotterdam and, in particular, the University of Palermo, with which the IUAV has an important co-operation in the context of research into urban planning and resilience. He is a member of the Società Italiana Scienziati per il Clima (SISC - Italian Society of Scientists for the Climate). With Pietro Mezzi, he is the author of the book "La città resiliente. Strategie e azioni di resilienza urbana in Italia e nel mondo" (The resilient city. Strategies and urban resilience in Italy and around the world) (Altreconomia, 2016).