Visual modelling

Visual modelling

BIM – advanced digitising in infrastructure design

Project management and Information Technology
3D model of a deck of a box girder bridge.

Nth degree Engineering

Innovation and co-operation in tomorrow’s professional world
Shibam, Yemen, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

BIM – Applied experience of Information Modelling in the infrastructure sector

A pilot project
Arched bridge over the River Isarco, rendering by Net Engineering

Rating systems for sustainable infrastructure

The potential of Envision™ in Italy

The graphic visualisation of flows

The information design tools for the analysis of the urban fabric
cf. city flows. Flows of public bikes in New York.
Till Nagel and Christopher Pietsch, University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. Urban Complexity Lab, FH Potsdam (2016).

The complexity of the context

A discussion between designers
Viaduct over Corso Argentina, Padua

Flows 2.0

New ways of designing infrastructure
Doha Underground Station, Red Line, 3D Revit Frame

Flows. Modelling mobility

The search for a common language
Illustration of Beppe Giacobbe