Urban mobility

Urban mobility

Art in the underground

Düsseldorf Wehrhahn-line

A new model of innovation and integration in public transport

Mobility efficiency for more competitive areas
Zenith view of Rovato station

Mobility sharing in the urban century

Opportunities and restraints
Brooklyn, New York City | © car2go - Daimler

The graphic visualisation of flows

The information design tools for the analysis of the urban fabric
cf. city flows. Flows of public bikes in New York.
Till Nagel and Christopher Pietsch, University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. Urban Complexity Lab, FH Potsdam (2016).

Marghera Nord

The new Venice passenger harbour

Food flows in New York

How the largest food distribution system in the US works
Map of food distribution itineraries in New York. Picture taken from the "Five Borough Food Flow" study.

The contribution of Industry 4.0 to the Sharing Cities project

The approach and projects of the Municipality of Milan
Opendot is a FabLab, a space for innovation, research and experimentation, open and accessible to all

Flows in 1000 AD

The birth of the modern city
Graphic elaboration of a map of Livorno, from a 1650 collection (David Rumsey Map Collection)

The search for inclusion

The identity project for Area C Milan
Illustration of Anna Resmini