Travel experience

Travel experience

Art in the underground

Düsseldorf Wehrhahn-line

Cycleways for the redevelopment of the country

The Italian situation
The Danube cycleway near Tulln (Austria). The cycle path on the northern bank of the river starts on the other side of the bridge.

A new model of innovation and integration in public transport

Mobility efficiency for more competitive areas
Zenith view of Rovato station

Less signs but better flows

How does wayfinding design improve the travel experience?
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Autogrill Villoresi Est, motorway services of the third millennium

The design of rest areas to promote the travel experience
The lantern of Autogrill Villoresi Est

The effects of the travel experience on mobility choices

New planning of transport systems
Naples Underground, University station; Karim Rashid, light box, 2010

Bolzano to Cortina by train

The new project that respects and enhances the heart of the Dolomites