Open distance

Open distance

Cycleways for the redevelopment of the country

The Italian situation
The Danube cycleway near Tulln (Austria). The cycle path on the northern bank of the river starts on the other side of the bridge.

Corridors as city networks

An alternative approach to the regulation of the area and infrastructure policies
Aerial view of the Technogym HQ at Cesena, along the A14 Motorway. Architectural project by ‘Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel’.

The St Gothard railway

Developments and potential of the alpine crossings
The Gothard base tunnel

Intermodal transport in the Mediterranean

Strategic infrastructure for a growing and renewing area
Panorama of the port of Barcelona

European High Speed corridors in Roman times

The road network of ancient Rome – an example for today’s designers
Graphic elaboration showing the traces of the Romanisation of the area to the north of Padua

High Speed changes geography

A reflection on the Italian experience
High Speed Station (Reggio Emilia) - iStock