Collective ingenuity

Collective ingenuity

Social Network Analysis to boost stakeholder engagement in engineering projects

The Social Network as a key for projects governance
Illustration by Anna Resmini

Flows of ideas and responsibilities in innovation

A look at Europe
Illustration by Ale+Ale

Clocks or clouds? Project Management in the age of Complexity

The Sunset of Linearity and the emergence of Project Leadership
Detail of a nautical chart, Islands off Brazil - Perry Castañeda Library Map Collection.
Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Everywhere Shoppers and the importance of multi-channels

The evolution of the purchasing paths of modern consumers with shops, on-line, mobile and social media
Illustration by Davide Longaretti

Applying collective intelligence in the engineering sector

The experience of Te.x

The development project for the Bologna ring road and motorway system

The experience of public discussion
Masterplan of the development project for the Bologna motorway hub

New fair scenarios for new visitors

Effective communication, economic dynamism and production innovation
Visitors at the entrance to the International Furniture Exhibition

Nth degree Engineering

Innovation and co-operation in tomorrow’s professional world
Shibam, Yemen, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Resilience applied to regional and environmental planning

An interpretation for engineering design
Illustration by Anna Resmini

The era of backpackracy

Dismantle bureaucracy and prefer the project
Reworking of a map of the Mississippi, David Rumsey Map Collection

Deposits of resilience in Palermo

A renaissance opening Europe’s arms to the Mediterranean
Foro Italico, Palermo

A map for contemporary organizations

Tools for orientation in complexity
Detail of a map of America by Peter Martyr, 1534 (David Rumsey Historical Map Collection)

Can resilience be learnt?

Shared, diffused learning paths to educate for an inclusive community

If the central figure is the road

Engineering stylistic features of narration
Viaducts crossing the Japanese forest

Resilience as a systemic view of reality

An inclusive approach to the design of infrastructure systems

Smart working

How Italian workers can move from school to university
Satellite view of Amsterdam

Frugal innovation: do more with less

The redesign of the assets we already know
Illustration of Anna Resmini

Water facility

Planning and management of water in Tanzania
Labourers at work

The new geography of knowledge

The innovative vivacity of the suburbs
Illustration of Davide Longaretti

The complexity of the context

A discussion between designers
Viaduct over Corso Argentina, Padua

Flows. Modelling mobility

The search for a common language
Illustration of Beppe Giacobbe

Filiis Amicis Civibus

Open the doors to everyone
Graphic representation from Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Children’s Games, 1560